Choose Gold, Silver or Bronze and your team will be a winner!

Gold Coaching Package

One coaching session per quarter for your team 

Silver Coaching Package 

 One coaching session three times a year for your team 

Bronze Coaching Package 

One coaching session twice a year for your team 


"Removing the Rose Colored Glasses: How to Create and Sustain a First Class Customer

      Service Culture" (1.5 hours)        

In this presentation, I cover things like how to provide first class customer service to external customers, internal customers and what the top ten sounds of first class customer service sound like. Additionally, I include material on phone etiquette, the professional apology and how to differentiate yourself from your competitors who provide the same services as you. I also bring my acoustic guitar and we do a sing-along to the country classic, Rose Colored Glasses.


"Things You Don’t Say to Your Boss (and Other Leadership Tips)” (1.5 hours)  

In this leadership coaching presentation, based on my book, Take Me to Your Leader, I cover the Five L's of an inspiring leader, the three "E.I.'s" necessary for effective leadership: emotional intelligence, energy index and empowerment insight, giving/building trust, how to avoid "bulldog" and "seagull" leadership, how leaders determine the company culture, Top 10 Traits of Inspirational Leaders, how to strengthen the weakest link on the team, and how to encourage a discouraged team. We'll also have fun with the "Things You Don't Say to Your Boss."

I Will Until... (1.5 hours)                    

I’ll bring humor, inspirational stories, music and pure motivation in this keynote address designed to encourage the audience to never give up until they've reached their goals. I cover topics such as: How to handle it when your passion, purpose and pain collide, inspiring stories of perseverance, how being "gritty" will separate you from the pack, going all-in on your dreams and goals, dealing with the man/woman in the mirror, the power of willpower, how to get better instead of bitter when dealing with challenges, and accentuating the positive. I’ll have my acoustic guitar with me and we’ll do some sing-a-longs to connect with the audience.

"A Culture Change That Sticks”  (3 hour workshop)

This hands-on interactive leadership workshop engages leaders in gaining a better understanding of what it takes to create a first-class culture for your team and your customers. We cover subjects such as: Hiring vs. Training - which is more important; how to create, sell, measure, implement and sustain your culture; how to create a few key shifts in behavior to improve the culture; matching strategy and culture; creating and living your service vision; non-negotiable service standards that everyone must follow; how to get the right people on and the wrong people off your bus; rewarding and recognizing a “day-maker” team member and much more.

All Hands on Deck: How Your Culture Reveals Your Leadership (1.5 hours)  

We interact on topics such as which organizations are Hall of Fame vs. Hall of Shame regarding customer service, understanding customer service myths and customer service realities, what to leave behind and what to bring with you for each encounter with a customer, are you a “names in a hat” kind of culture, how to get rid of the "yes, buts...," the fine art of listening, and meeting the customers where they are.

"Connecting, Collaborating, Communicating & Closing: How Everyone on the Team Promotes Your Service/Products" (1.5 hours) 

For this sales and marketing presentation, I cover the "everyone sells" philosophy of business growth, how to ensure alignment and accountability, law of attraction vs. promotion, how to create a "sticky" message, living the mission/values of your company, how to avoid crossing the "TMI Line," and how to avoid the "we-gots" by engaging in needs-based consultative selling.

"How to Build Through the Roof Confidence" (1.5 hours) 

Based on my 99 Ways to Build Through the Roof Confidence, I cover how to act "as if," why hanging out with winners is crucial to your success, how to "get on the balcony" and see yourself from different perspective, how to practice positive body language, growing your EIQ, the essentials of staying close the campfire, playing and staying hungry, how to tap into your "killer" instinct, opening your heart, how doubling your failure rate will double your success rate, honing your craft, and much more! 

A Leader's Job is to INSPIRE!  (1.5 hours)

This leadership coaching presentation coaches attendees on how to inspire the team to greatness, how curiosity is connected to inspiration, asking the right questions of yourself and others, how to handle negative team members, drama queens, and thin-skinned people, giving valuable constructive feedback without making people angry, Top Ten Traits of inspirational leaders, being intentional about your impact, leading from the heart, coaching your team on how to lead from where they are, how to light the fire and clear the path for the team, how to grow, glow and go as a leader, and much more.

 *Each of the presentations can be customized for timing if you need a shorter or longer program.

**Every team member who attends will receive a FREE copy of my E-book, Take Me to Your Leader, and will also be added to my FREE email distribution list for Motivational Minute.

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