Encouraging a Discouraged Team

Maintaining a high level of team morale is one of the biggest challenges that a leader faces. Sometimes leaders get so caught up in their own whirlwind of responsibilities that they get out of touch with what is happening on the team. Team morale is an intangible condition that can be felt when you walk in the office – is the atmosphere in the office strained and tense, or open and energetic? Pay attention when you walk in and you can tell because everything/everybody holds and emits energy. Here’s a simple three step process I suggest when a team is feeling deflated, unappreciated and disconnected... See More.

How to Be a Great Team Member From A- Z

A-  allow yourself to ask for help when you need it

B-  believe in yourself and your teammates

C-  celebrate your successes as a team

D-  dedicate yourself to being the best you can be... See more.

Making Amends

Our humanity prevents perfection. We each have our own set of strengths and weaknesses, character attributes and flaws, solid decision making and other times when in retrospect, we realize we could have made better decisions. Since we know we are not impeccable in every facet of our lives, that reality is all the more reason to be as transparent as possible and not live behind a façade. Customer service allows us to celebrate our humanity and realize that we will not always get it right, or make everyone happy... See More.

Defining The Day

We all have those days from time to time, when challenges arise and not everything goes our way. It amazes me the number of times I have heard people say, “Well I know this day is going to be terrible because ______________ happened.” Oh really? You’re willing to concede the entire day to negativity because one (or maybe even more than one) thing didn’t go right? That is some scary thinking! None of us own the power to control circumstances. We do have the option of owning our own power to control our response to whatever happens around us... See more.

How Customers Feel They Are Treated

Two customers can have the same needs and receive the same product or service, yet can have two totally different customer service experiences, based on their perception of how they were treated by the one delivering the service. For example, two patrons of a restaurant can have an identical experience regarding quality of food and timeliness of its delivery. Yet, if only one of them gets a server who is affable and engaging who makes the experience more fun by connecting with the customer, the perception of that patron will likely be more favorable than the other... See more.

The Easy Button

About ten years ago, national office supply store Staples launched a television advertising campaign with the slogan, “That was easy.” Not long after the ad campaign, the slogan became an actual product and the ubiquitous large red “easy” buttons started making their appearances on the desks of employees around the country. You push the button and a voice says, “That was easy.” Perhaps that is a good psychological reminder that sometimes we make things far more difficult than they need to be. When you think about it, providing first class customer service is easy. Establish a service vision in the organization where nothing less than first class customer service will be accepted. Hire customer service champions. Empower the team to acknowledge that customers are always right, and that our job is to make our customers feel like they are the most valued commodity we have as a company. Sounds easy enough, right? See more.


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