Those of us who enjoy running for exercise know that it can get ugly sometimes out there on the road. You don’t always feel 100%. Some days you may have sore muscles or joints. You might have a stomach ache or cramp, or any number of physical challenges to run through. Anything can happen out there on the road. In one of the competitive 5K races I ran awhile back, I had finished my race and went back to the finish line to cheer on the other finishers. As I looked back about 200 yards from the finish line, heading towards the finish line was a lady in a wheelchair. This lady appeared to be in her 70’s. Her wheelchair was not a racing wheelchair, but looked like standard issue that you might see in a hospital or nursing home... See more.

Time and Opportunity

What do you think when someone says, “I don’t have time”? Time is a constant and is the great equalizer. We may not all have the same amount of talent or money, or any number of things, yet we all have the same amount of time. I am far from being a Greek scholar, yet enjoy doing word studies involving the amazing layers that the Greek language employs that is often missing in the English language. For example, the Greek word chronos has to do with the tick-tock of the clock. It’s easy to see that we get our Anglicized word “chronology” from that word and that it just has to do with time in a linear fashion. There is another word in the Greek language that is transliterated into the English word “time” and it is kairos. This usage has to do with time as “opportunity” and not just the passage of the second, minutes and hours in our lives... See more.

I’m Not OK…With Being OK

Who among us enjoys being average at something? We each have different skill sets, interests, strengths and weaknesses. I know I do not excel at every endeavor I pursue. However, anything less than giving my best to what I am attempting is unacceptable to me. Customer service perception is an interesting dynamic. Studies have shown that managers tend to rank their organization’s customer service a level higher than the front-line employees do. If the managers rate their organization’s customer service as above average, the front-line employees will typically rate it as average... See more.

Customer Recovery

We have all had times when we were let down as customers. Something we ordered online didn’t arrive on time or at all. That steak we spent $30 on was as tough as leather. We waited well past our appointment time before being acknowledged. Whatever it is, the ball has occasionally been dropped and left us feeling unappreciated as a customer. We live in an era where it seems that sometimes the “service is so bad, that if it’s not horrible, we are relieved” (John DiJulius). However, even with our lowered customer service expectations; there are ways that companies can keep us coming back. It’s pretty simple really - when we complain as customers, if they will fix it, we will likely keep coming back... See more.

Dealing With Defeat

Over the years I have heard interviews with prominent coaches in both basketball and football being asked - What sticks with you longer? Is it the joy of winning games or the toughness of the losses? Almost every time, the coach has acknowledged that it has been the agonizing losses that haunt their minds, more than them dwelling on the euphoria of winning. Some of these coaches had won national championships, and yet it was the sting of certain defeats that fueled their competitive fire more so than the wins... See more.

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