Director of First Impressions

 We’ve all heard the saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” While as fallible human beings, I think we should be patient with each other, and maybe not be so quick to dismiss a person whose first impression was not the best - the saying does have some merit to it. It was several years ago that I first saw the title “Director of First Impressions...” See More.

The Best Team Wins!

 Since the key differentiator for competing companies in the same arena is the customer experience, hiring the right people is crucial to your success. You need customer service champions – those who are friendly and talented, with a strong skill set, accompanied by a positive attitude with a solid track record of success. See More.

Can’t Get Any Worse

 I was talking with a friend recently and she was telling me about a work situation and how the onsite leader at her company was leaving the organization. This was a leader who rarely thanked the team for their efforts, led from a position of fear not trust, browbeat her team, rarely smiled, and even in her final staff meeting spoke words of negativity about the team while in the presence of the team... See More.

 The Weakest Link

 We’ve all heard the old adage, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” It’s true in a technical sense regarding an actual chain; however, the phrase is typically used in regard to people. In a company whose goal it is to provide stellar customer service, the proverb is also true. It is incumbent upon leaders to pay close attention to the customer service habits of the team members to insure that the strong stay strong and the weak are not allowed to stay weak. There are three quick principles that leaders can apply when a weak customer service link is identified: See More.

Successful People Leave Clues

 The only two times I ever received unsolicited advice in the gym about how to have a better workout was from two people who were overweight. I just smiled and continued on with my activity. I had a workout buddy in the gym who was in great shape and an excellent weightlifter. He was the one I sought out for advice on how to advance in my exercise regimen. Whatever it is that you are pursuing, whether a new hobby, athletic interest, business opportunity, etc., seek out those who are doing it and doing it well for input on how to be successful in this endeavor. If I want to learn how to run faster 5K races, I’m not going to ask the couch potato how to do that. See More

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